International Artists Workshop, Palestine

I was invited to participate with 24 artists in the Al-Mahatta International Artists Workshop, in Palestine from Sept. 15th until Oct.1st, 2010.

About Al-Mahatta Gallery
is a non-governmental- not-for-profit organization founded in July 2008 as an independent voluntary youth initiative, set up by a group of young artists, in Ramallah, Palestine. This initiative aims to create the first professional exhibition space for visual arts in Ramallah, offering an opportunity for both local and international artists to engage with the local Palestinian audience through the exhibition of their work in a contemporary and professional manner.

About the Workshop
Al-Mahatta International Workshop is an artist-initiated project proposed by artists in Al-Mahatta Gallery. The two-week workshop is part of the *Triangle Arts Trust Network of workshops currently active in 20 countries.

The workshop is process oriented, supports experimentation in all media and is targeted at emerging to mid career artists in all fields; encouraging contemporary work in painting, drawing, sculpture, installation, video, performance and sound.

The workshop will take place in the town of Birzeit, about 12 kilometers away from the Ramallah City. The residencies and work spaces are set in the Edward Said National Conservatory of Music premises that is situated between olive trees in the historical town of Birzeit. 25 artists will be brought together practicing in a wide variety of media, to work among each other, and share ideas and methods for a period of two weeks in the serene town mountain of Birzeit. At the end of the two weeks, the workshop will host an Open Day which will invite in the local public, artists, and critics to celebrate the developments and results of the workshop.


2 thoughts on “International Artists Workshop, Palestine

  1. Hi
    I’m visual artist,
    I am Bolivian and live in my country, I would like you could give me information such as access to run for a residence
    Thank you for your information

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