The Projected Image, artSTRAND

Brooklyn Bridge 2009
Very pleased to participate in The Projected Image a group exhibition in conjunction with Provincetown Film Festival.

The Projected Image amplifies the possibilities inherent in image making by presenting works in a variety of media. The term projected can also refer to the mechanical means of display such as photography, film, video and digital as well as the conceptualization of and alteration of an image through traditional means such as painting, drawing, printmaking and sculpture. This exhibition asks us to question what it means to create an image and what we project upon that process.

Artists Included; Nancy Milliken, André Eugene, Abigail Child, Tim Winn & Zehra Khan, Farrell Brickhouse, Kristen Schiele, Jonathan Shahn, Kathleen Schneider, Bill Davison, Marc Kundmann, Margaret Murphy, Lauren Ewing, Kirsten Ullrich, Jennifer Morgan, Brenda Garand, Duncan Johnson, Sophia Ainslie, Phil Smith, Arvid Tomayko-Peters, Jay Critchley, Mary Jo McGonagle, Eckhard Etzold and Laura Arena.

The Projected Image June 10 – June 29 at artSTRAND located in beautiful Provincetown at 494 Commercial St in MA.


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