One of Fifty Five – The Artists Summer Institute on Governors Island

Back to the Island I go, to Governors Island. I am a participant in 5-Day Professional Development Intensive for New York City Artists which is free and is for New York City artists working in all disciplines, offered through a partnership of Lower Manhattan Cultural Council and Creative Capital.

Held at Building 110: LMCC’s Arts Center at Governors Island, the Artists Summer Institute offers a unique opportunity for artists to step outside their daily routines and focus on their professional skills and artistic goals in bucolic, community setting. The Institute combines the best of LMCC’s Basic Finance for Artists program and Creative Capital’s Professional Development Program (PDP) to provide a more comprehensive range of training, tools and resources for working artists. The Institute is designed to help artists build a path to greater sustainability and self-sufficiency. Participants will receive arts-focused professional training in the areas of strategic planning, verbal communications, marketing and promotion, Internet optimization, financial management and business planning.

It is kind like a school for artists on how to be an artist or a more productive, smarter, artist or something like this. Or better yet I just get to meet a bunch of artists living in New York City.


2 thoughts on “One of Fifty Five – The Artists Summer Institute on Governors Island

    1. No it is free, I applied in early summer. Check out the links I have in post and sign up for their mailing list and you can find out about these opportunities.

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