Trajinera Xochitl: In conversation with Eduardo Porter and Lawrence Downes

On Saturday, August, 6th, 3-5pm at Valentino Pier at Coffey Street and Ferris Street in Red Hook, Journalists Eduardo Porter and Lawrence Downes from The New York Times, will be leading a conversation about how this nation benefits from Mexican migration, and how it is that Mexican communities contribute to the growth of this country.

This evening is presented as part of artist Natalia Porter’s Trajinera Boatbuilding workshop at The Gowanus Studio Space. “Trajinera Xochitl” is a reproducion of an iconic Mexican boat typical of Xochimilco, a rural part of southern Mexico City best known for its canals and chinampas, which are left from what was an extensive lake and canal system during Tenochtitlan, the capital of the abounding Aztec Empire in the 15th century.

With the help of two design students from the Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana – Xochimilco, who researched the design and construction techniques of these boats, and with the guidance of designer and boat builder Ben Cohen at The Gowanus Studio Space. I was part of the collaboration with Natalia to recreate this boat. The Trajinera Xochitl is a place for cultural exchange and a platform for the discussion of different issues concerning Mexico, such as Mexican Immigration in New York.

This event is a Project of SEAWORTHY: EFA Project Space, Flux Factory, and the Gowanus Studio Space partner to bring you an experiment in, exploration of, and tribute to maritime art, presenting work by artists who employ the boat as a platform for collective action, private reflection and liberatory possibility. Beginning in late spring and continuing through the summer of 2011, Sea Worthy will combine exhibitions, workshops, and artist-led events in and around New York City’s waterways and waterfronts.


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