“Esprit de Corps” Presents “Human Chain” at Mauerpark Berlin as Part of Month of Performance Art

“Esprit de Corps” is a series of events to promote, encourage and motivate all ages to become physically active as a means to participate in Art. A gift to the people of Berlin by our temporary collective “E.T.”, comprised of myself and six other contemporary multidisciplinary artists who united forces ‘to take over the art scene’ in Berlin for a short moment of time. As part of our schedule of activities of Month of Performance Art, “Human Chain” was held at Mauerpark.

A human chain is a form of demonstration in which people link their arms as a show of political solidarity. It may also refer to people holding on to each other in series to reach precarious spots. or it may also refer to people walking shoulder-to-shoulder in the event of searching for missing persons in water or on land. Our “Human Chain” was a form of solidarity between the artists in the collective and an opportunity to navigate precarious descent into the cavity of karaoke at Mauerpark.


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