Truth is Concrete, 21/09 – 28/09, Graz, Austria

Truth is Concrete

This week I am traveling with fellow artist and dear friend Khaled Jarrar to “Truth is Concrete” a 24/7 Marathon Camp in Graz, Austria. So thrilled to be able to attend and look forward to all the future friends and fellow artists collaborators I will make. Now more than ever, I believe artists are shaping the political landscape, creating dialogues where there is none and amplifying voices for the common good.

At a crossroads myself, I come to Graz for inspiration to make art that is relevant and meaningful as well as inspiration to curate art that needs to be seen and needs a voice. I also come to Graz for hope in a time where I watch and listen to the politics at home in disgust, I watch my rights be slowly be taken away and our environment be destroyed for greed and profits.

My time demonstrating in Zucotti Park, to watching the revolution in Tahir Square, the recent demonstrations in Moscow, to London, Budapest, Athens, Istanbul, Ramallah, Tel Aviv, Tunis, Rio or Buenos Aires – artists are among the first to get involved, among the first to join the political and social movements. This world is changing I want to be involved.

“Truth is Concrete” is a 24-hour, 7-day marathon camp: for 170 hours more than 200 artists, activists and theorists lecture, perform, play, produce, discuss and collect useful strategies and tactics in art and politics from all over the world.

170 hours non-stop….here we go!


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