“Social Responsibility In Art Today” (SRIAT) in Budapest, Hungary

design by Bálint Rádoczy

I am one of 15 artists participating in a workshop in Budapest, Hungary on Oct. 24 – Nov. 5, 2012 with an exhibition Nov. 5th in a public space once a Chinese restaurant and home of László Almásy on Bartók Béla út.

The project SRIAT, organized by Igor Metropol Association in collaboration with Intermedia, the Art Theory and Curatorial Studies Departments and TransPraxis – International Center for Art and Theory, of the Hungarian University of Fine Arts in Budapest, organized this workshop to address the intersections of art and social responsibility.

German artist Thomas Kilpper will direct this practice-oriented workshop questioning the complex roles of artists within current societies. The topics explored are “Freedom of Expression”, “Activism in Art”, “Socially Engaged Art” and it’s relevance within the art world. The group will research and develop different strategies of artistic involvement within these systems, starting with a field study in the public space of Budapest on October 23rd, National Holiday of commemorating the Hungarian Revolution of 1956.

The workshop participants with the guidance of Thomas Kilpper and Hungarian artists Miklós Erhardt and Tehnica Schweiz (Gergely László/Péter Rákosi) will develop new and experimental art-practices, resulting in collaborative work shown in a public exhibition and host a public discussion at the Ludwig Museum on the 6th November.


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