Family Day Festival with World Wide Friends in Vogar Iceland

I was invited by Stefan Arinbjarnarson, Director of Culture for the Municipality of Vogar to work with a World Wide Friends (Veraldarvinir) a non-governmental, non-profit organization promoting nature and cultural orientated activities for people, interested in spending time in Iceland as volunteers. The volunteers included people from Japan, Catalonia, Austria, France, Russia and Italy

I spent two weeks with the volunteers to prepare for Fjölskyldudagur (Family Day) festival August 16 – 18th . The festival, spread over two days, includes a golf tournament, bonfire at the shore, musicians and sing-a longs, a fishing tournament, art exhibitions, barbecue, concerts, face painting and various competitions for both children and adults. The key purpose to have fun and bring the community together and share the spirit with all.

We created our own version of a community center hosted by Marta Guðrún Jóhannesdóttir at the Menningarverkefnið Hlaðan in Vogar. Free and open to the public over the course of the festival we offered international food prepared by the volunteers, a video presentation, games, live music and sing along, dance, an origami workshop and offered a chance for interaction between the volunteers and the community.


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