“Dreams for a New, New York” – Open Source Gallery

Dreams for a New New YorkI participated in Soup Kitchen at the Open Source Gallery located in Park Slope, Brooklyn NY., this past Monday evening, December 30, 7-9. Soup Kitchen is about cooking, eating, sharing, and celebrating taking place every night the month of December.

Assisted by artist Peter Gregorio we made and served a vegetarian miso noodle soup while I conducted a live survey – collecting dreams for a NEW, New York City for 2014.

The public was invited to submit a dream in the dream box. A dream inspired by the promise of change as we (NYC) transition to our new Major De Blasio and say good bye to Bloomberg on Jan 1st. Over the course of the evening dreams were taken out by guests and then written on the wall, which sparked conversation about our hopes and disappointments living in NYC.

It was interesting evening sharing with such a diverse group, artists, non-artists, old and young. The overall impression is that folks have a lot to say about the state of affairs about our grand city, when given a voice and I hope to continue this project in other venues.


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