VECTOR – Issue 3 / New York


I am so excited to be published in Vector Issues 3/ New York, artist journal, is a collection of written works by 25-30 emerging and established artists for print and online for download. The form, length, and theme is up to each artist. Essays range from 1-10 pages, are printed in black & white, unedited, and arranged in alphabetical order.

Artists included in VECTOR – Issue 3:
Laura Arena
Javier Barrios
Keren Benbenisty
Rita Sobral Campos
Nicholas Fraser
Harmony Hammond
Jay Henderson
Theresa Himmer
Steffani Jemison
Sarah Johansen
Anna K.E.
Szabolcs KissPal
Ellie Krakow
Monika Malewska
Nadja Marcin
Paulien Oltheten
Ann Oren
Elise Rasmussen & Paul Garayo
Georgia Sagri
Edward Schexnayder
Stacy Scibelli
Gina Siepel
Ashley Simone
Magnus Thierfelder
Hakan Topal
Pawal Wojtasik & Toby Lee

500 bound copies are printed and handed out for free at the opening reception and a PDF of Issue 3 will be available for free download ( February 8, 2014.

VECTOR Artists Journal
Peter Gregorio / Founder, Editor
Austin Shull / Editor
John Buffalo Mailer / Introduction
Launching: February, 8, 2014
Opening Location: Interstate Projects, Brooklyn, NY
Reception Date: Saturday February 8, 2014 / 6-9:00pm
On the Internet at:


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