New AiR for Artists & Coordinators Seminar – Aroundless Artist Residency

I was invited by Stan Coenders for a seminar New AiR for Artists & Coordinators as part of Aroundless Artist Residency at MeetingInZdonov in Czech Republic. The artists featured in this month long program are Carlota Borges Lloret, Marta Silva, Guida Miranda, Andrea Junekova, Palii Anastasia, Bogdan Pavlovic, Janine Leger, and Sandra Franco.

What amazingly talented young artists and such a beautiful community at what appears to be at the end of the world or at least in Czech Republic. We look forward to seeing the results of this special one month program and look forward to working with some of these artists in the future.

MeetingInZdonov reopened its doors to artists in residence in July 2015. Heart of the project is the large rural house that after a long process of restructuring, offers reception areas and workareas for workshops and lectures. The project is constantly changing, and this year its shape will be given by a diverse community that is connected to a larger and varied network, including intensive coaching by experienced artists and curators and visits to other art activities in the region where many other artists are involved, and a seminar about art residencies.


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