Announcing my New Website;

Stöðvarfjördur, Iceland
Stöðvarfjördur, Iceland

Things close to home are sometimes the hardest to realize. Once they are, it is like water rushing into the sea. After being frozen after a long winter.

I am pleased to launch my new website which documents a project dedicated to my mother titled Learning How to Fly. This is all new work created during my artist residency in Iceland at the Fish Factory Creative Centre and in Greenland at the Ilulissat Kunstmuseum Residency.

My mother, Helen Marie Jacobs was born in 1938 in Robinson County, North Carolina. Her roots are Native American with the Lumbee Indians. Lumbee Indians are the largest Native American tribe unrecognized by the United States Government. She took with her; her history, her stories, and her understandings of her life and of a people unknown.

My Mom
My Mom

Learning How to Fly is a project in self-discovery of my roots. After years of moving endlessly, in many different places around the world, I learned something quite valuable, in the land of my father’s father. I was on a holiday in Sicily, celebrating a very special birthday. I learned without knowledge of your roots, you can’t learn how to fly. Since then my life’s desire is to learn how to fly.

This website is documentation on growing roots. Connecting with my ancestors spiritually, emotionally and physically. Through reflecting, researching, writing, designing, exploring and doing. Whilst living in the most beautiful, natural, isolated places in the world, Iceland and Greenland.

This project marks a new beginning in acceptance of who I am and where I come from. I am my mother’s daughter.


2 thoughts on “Announcing my New Website;

  1. thank you! this project has been living inside of me for a very long time it is finally starting to show itself

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