Home Is Where You Lay Your Head: Stories of Identity and Homeland

Home Is Where You Lay Your Head

Home Is Where You Lay Your Head: Stories of Identity and Homeland is a community engagement project based around storytelling, conversation and healing.

This project started in 2016 is part of an existing, exploratory, project titled Learning How to Fly. It is dedicated to my mother, Helen Marie Jacobs, a member of the Lumbee Nation of North Carolina–the largest Native American tribe East of the Mississippi not federally recognized by the U.S. government. The Lumbee Nation has fought  for recognition for more than 125 years.

My mom died on April 7th 2000. She took with her, her history, her stories, and her understandings of an Indigenous woman coming of age in the Jim Crow South.

Home Is Where You Lay Your Head

I will provide an intimate space (a temporary shelter, a home away from home) to share my experiences around identity and home from the perspective of a mixed-race Native American woman. A woman who is coming to terms with her relationship to her people and her understanding of them, while healing the past and forging her new identity for the future. This shelter, inspired by my time at Standing Rock living in a tent at the camps, also parallels and references  the refugee and migrant crises happening all over the world in present-day.

My focus is on indigenous people denied identity, civic rights, land, traditional culture preservation, language, and opportunity from a hegemonic oppressor.

Through photographs taken over a span of seven years, my conversation will include the B’doul Tribe of Petra, Jordan who were forced to abandon their semi-nomadic life for the nearby settlement of Umm Sayhoun. Social interrogations also commented on are the Palestinian struggle for statehood, the impact of neo-colonialism on Greenlandic culture and identity post-establishment of Home Rule, and the historic gathering of tribes and allies at Standing Rock, North Dakota to halt the Dakota Access Pipeline. Lastly, I will touch upon my people, the Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina and their fight for recognition by the U.S. Government.

This dialogue through photographic images with visitors will be an exercise in self-expression, which will strengthen and empower my voice. It is my aim that such gesture will engage others to share their own stories around home and identity. It will also provide an opportunity to inspire new work based around these exchanges and topics.

Home Is Where You Lay Your Head: Stories of Identity and Homeland is part of Reroot, an exhibition at Smack Mellon in Dumbo opening in November. My performances will take place December 3rd and 10th from 1-3 PM.


The Story of an American Artist Who Was Denied Entry into Israel – Interview with Hyperallergic

No Man's Land - Between Jordan and Israel

“Standing on no man’s lands a small strip of land between Israel and Jordan. I took some moments here to feel the pavement under my feet, a safe haven from feeling like a criminal in Israel and from the anxiety of entering back into Jordan, a country I had no intent staying in for the next 5 weeks.”

I was interviewed by reporter Hrag Vartaniar with Hyperallergic, an online news site which is a forum for playful, serious, and radical perspectives on art and culture in the world today. I had an opportunity to speak about my experience trying to enter into Israel on March 22, 2015. I was detained and questioned for 6 hours at Yitzhak Rabin Border checkpoint between Aqaba, Jordan, and Eilat, Israel

Here is a link to the article; http://hyperallergic.com/196515/the-story-of-an-american-artist-who-was-denied-entry-into-israel/

Here is my own personal account; https://projektpalestine.wordpress.com/2015/03/30/denied-entry/ written shortly have my denied entry.

Here is a link to volunteer in Palestine; Echlas’ Institute of Palestinian Language and Culture. This is the main reason why I was traveling to Palestine to be a volunteer caretaker for a disabled woman named Echlas Al-Azzeh who lives in refugee camp in Bethlehem.

Redesign of DE-CONSTRUKT and Announcing DE-CONSTRUKT [projekts]


I have been a been a busy bee this spring giving my design studio DE-CONSTRUKT web site a new look and added some more content including a section called ‘Featured Client’ which highlights the methods and the processes of a project including information about the client, concepts, mocks ups and photos taken on site. This new look also includes a new artistic arm called DE-CONSTRUKT [projekts] a mobile project space developing projects around the world with visual and performing artists and innovative, visionary thinkers. We also announce a new location in Prague, Czech Republic.


I am very excited with this new endeavor and is in the midst of preparation for the onslaught of events in June with the arrival of Icelandic artist Hulda Ros Guðnadóttir from Berlin and Harriet Plewis from England, a dinner series to be announced in partnership with Brooklyn artist, Kate Murray and an event at the Waterfront Museum here in Red Hook.

Check out the redesigned DE-CONSTRUKT site and the newly announced DE-CONSTRUKT [projekts] site and sign up for the newsletter to keep up to date on upcoming events, exhibitions and artist opportunities.

Interview with Recession Arts

Screen Shot "Visiting Godard"
Screen Shot “Visiting Godard”

I am currently a featured artist in a group show titled “Prolonged Exposure” at the Invisible Dog Art Center in Brooklyn, New York. Recession arts published a short interview discussing my work, my process and motivation.

Prolonged Exposure explores boredom and restlessness as charged affects, suspended between detachment and agitation, inertia and change. Works in the exhibition respond to potentially paralyzing states of waiting, idleness, distraction, and fatigue, seeking to overhaul viewers’ sensory and interpretive habits and engender new modes of attention. This exhibition is on view November 3-10, 2012. For more information visit http://recessionartshows.com/exhibitions/current/.

Thank You Kickstarter Supporters! I Reached my Goal for International Artist Workshop Palestine

I successfully raised $845 for the International Artist Workshop in Palestine. I sincerely thank each and everyone of you for your donation and look forward to sharing with you individually results of this amazing experience.

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