“Bi’lin 2009 / Tel Aviv 2010” Screened at “There’s a Story Here – Artworks Inspired by Movement”, a Juried Exhibition of Brooklyn Artists at St. Josephs

St. Joseph’s College Council for the Arts, Brooklyn Campus Presents “There’s a Story Here”, January 23 to February 29, 2012. Artworks inspired by movement and our 2011-2012 theme of “Moving Stories”

Participating Artists: Laura Arena, Kennis Baptiste, Katie Cercone, Sherry Davis, Asya Dodina and Slava Polishchuk, Sarah Hall, Fedrecia Hartley, Ellen Coleman Izzo, Liz Johnson, Diana Leidel, Frank Lind, Loretta Lomanto, Phaedra Mastrocola, Kathleen Migliore-Newton, Douglas Newton, Bridget Parris, Kameelah Janan Rasheed, Robert V. Reid, Joan Reutershan, Fortunata Schiano, Mollie Simons, Jorge A.Valdes, Larry Weekes, Jeanne Wilkinson

GALLERY TALK: Thurs. Feb 16, 12:40 pm
ARTIST RECEPTION: Sat. Feb 18, 12 – 3 pm


“Untitled” Video Screened at Yara Art Group’s Winter Festival of New Art, Music & Poetry

On January 27-29, 2012, Yara Arts Group and the Ukrainian Institute of America will present Re-Imagine: Ourselves A Festival of New Art, Music, Performance, Poetry, and Video. The festival, which will include an art exhibit, readings by poets, performances by Yara actors, as well as music, will take place at the Ukrainian Institute of America, 2 East 79th Street at Fifth Avenue in New York City.

By Yara’s invitation twenty artists — have created new, exciting art and installations inspired by the theme Re-Imagine: Ourselves. They have considered what the theme means to them as individuals, as artists and as a community. The art exhibit is curated by Andrea Wenglowskyj and Virlana Tkacz and includes artists who previously took part in Yara’s festivals such as: Roman Hrab, Petro Hrytsyk, Peter Ihnat, Olga Maryschuk, Margaret Morton, Anna Sydorenko/Serhiy Yakunin and Marybeth Ward, as well as many new ones such as Roberto Ekholm, June Kim, Sky Kim, Emeralda Kosmatopoulos, Karissa Lang, Soo Im Lee, Macacas Productions, David Maione, Serge Matsko, Christina Shmigel, Kateryna Svirgunenko and Hiba Schahbaz.

A special feature this year is the focus on video art with brief works from artists such as Laura Arena, Lani Asuncion, Katya Grokhovsky, Maria Niro, Laurence Payot, Hidemi Takagi, Tahir Un and Ezra Wube, as well as Yara video artists: Volodymyr Klyuzko, Andrea Odezynska and Mikhail Shraga.

The art exhibit will open on Friday, January 27, at 8 PM with performances on the move. The audience will be guided through the three floors of the mansion into rooms which will fill with poetry and dance as they enter. Olena Jennings, Wanda Phipps, Candece Tarpley and Christina Lillian Turczyn will read their own works, while Bob Holman performs with Julian Kytasty and Sophia Holman performs her piece with Tom Eliot. Other performers include cellist Paul Brantley, dancer Inka Juslin, and performance artist Teng Chao-Ming. Afterwards guests may enjoy a wine and cheese reception with the artists.

For more information visit http://www.brama.com/yara/re-imagine-uia-press.html

Bi’lin 2009 / Tel Aviv 2010 Screened at “Under the Subway Video Art Night” at Local Project

Bi’lin 2009 / Tel Aviv 2010 is part of a video art night outside of Local Project Art Space with projections on the walls of the street and under the subway at Local Project in Long Island City, New York May 28th, 8:30PM.

“Under the Subway Video Art Night” is curated by Antonio Ortuño.

Artists included; Laura Arena, Barbara
 Rosenthal, Angela Washko, Rosana Antoli, Camilo Quiroz, Matti Havens, 
J Ivcevich, Renzo Ortega, Felix Fernandez, Liz- N-Val, Nerea de Diego,
 James Woodward, Jay Muhlin, Ari Richter, Karen Y Chan, Kate Vrijmoet,
 James Matthews and Iván Córdoba Pérez.

Bi’lin 2009 / Tel Aviv 2010 Screened at 700IS

Bi’lin 2009 / Tel Aviv 2010 was screened at 700.is/Reindeerland in March. 700.is/Reindeerland is an international video art and experimental film festival that takes place annually at Egilstaðir, a small town in the Eastern Fjords of Iceland..  700is./Reindeerland invited different art groups to put up an interactive installations and selections of video art from around the world in the Slaughterhouse. I unfortunately was unable to attend you can read more info http://www.700.is/ and also Reindeer Island Facebook page.

Special thanks to Helena Hans who managed to make this all happen!

Bi’lin 2009/Tel Aviv 2010 Screening at SCOPE New York

“Bi’lin 2009/Tel Aviv 2010” a video created in response to my time in Palestine and Israel is part of 5 days of performance at SCOPE, New York 2011 called us vs us which will investigate acts of creation inspired by self consumption, civil war, interior conflict, and the spectrum of human nature at odds with itself. Authentic and immediate, us vs us opens into an expanse of performance traditions and educational strategies: from Participatory Performance to Scholastically Judged Debate; from the Theatre of Failure to the B. Boy Battle. us vs us is organized by Lilah Freedland of THE CENTER. For the complete list of artists participating visit http://www.thisisthecenter.org/us_vs_us.html.

THE CENTER carved by SCOPE is an artist driven 501(c)(3) launched in 2007 to fund and promote contemporary art in and out of the marketplace. Utilizing the dynamic force of trade and the principles of a gift economy, THE CENTER creates the opportunity for everyone to be a philanthropist. We are dedicated to supporting the international artist community, as well as other not-for-profit institutions where community development and social awareness are primary directives.

This year’s New York edition of the SCOPE fair, March 2–March 6, 2011, will present over 50 international galleries from four continents and sixteen countries including China, Mexico, Japan, Korea, Brazil, Italy, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland, Germany, UK, Spain, and Canada. SCOPE New York’s invitees will uphold its unique tradition of solo and thematic group shows providing the real opportunity for gallerists, collectors, curators, artists, critics and art lovers alike to experience a view of the contemporary art market available nowhere else. The core mission is introducing international galleries alongside museum quality programming, collector tours, screenings, and special events. Anchoring SCOPE as New York’s destination fair, programming expands in partnership with local and international cultural organizations, featuring: film, music, installation and performance. For more information visit http://www.scope-art.com/index.php/new_york.

Images taken from Bi’lin 2009/Tel Aviv 2010

My film “Bi’lin 2009/Tel Aviv 2010” is a memoriam to the protestors  who have died during protests in Bil’in, Palestinian village located in the Ramallah in the West Bank. The village has been organizing weekly protests against the construction of the wall taking the form of marches from the village to the site of the barrier with the aim of halting construction and dismantling already constructed portions. Israeli forces typically intervene to prevent protesters from approaching the barrier, and violence sometimes erupts in which protesters have been very seriously injured and killed. To view this video visit http://vimeo.com/lauraarena/bilin.

A schedule will be announced shortly; more details to follow regarding the time and place of the Screening of “Bi’lin 2009/Tel Aviv 2010”.


Dionysia from Laura Arena on Vimeo.

This is a video shot with Digital Harinezumi still/video camera. Which fits in the palm of my hand. The video is time spent in Bildudalur, a fishing village of the Westfjords, located in Northwest Iceland.

The first form of this video was shown at The Schoolhouse Gallery located in Provincetown, MA. at their Annual Video Party.

This second version will be shown as part of the Supermarket Art Fair taking place in Stockholm, Sweden this February 18-20, 2011.

Bi’lin 2009 / Tel Aviv 2010

Bil’in 2009 / Tel Aviv 2010 from Laura Arena on Vimeo.

Bil’in (Arabic: بلعين‎) is a Palestinian village located in the Ramallah and al-Bireh Governorate, 12 kilometers (7 mi) west of the city of Ramallah in the central West Bank.

Since January 2005, the village has been organizing weekly protests against the construction of the barrier. The protests have attracted media attention.

Despite winning the legal case against the construction of the wall and the continued international & Israeli support, the construction of the seperation wall is still going on, while repression and colonization is increasing.

The protests take the form of marches from the village to the site of the barrier with the aim of halting construction and dismantling already constructed portions. Israeli forces typically intervene to prevent protesters from approaching the barrier, and violence sometimes erupts in which protesters have been very seriously injured and killed.

This video is in memory of the 21 protesters who have died during protests in Bil’in.